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Popay Core is the central hub for your HR affairs. This accessible location contains all employee information: personal data, positions, terms of employment, contracts, managers and the organisational chart.

From the employee life cycle, we trigger processes automatically, such as payroll, evaluation procedures, following up on mandatory training and so on. From the recruitment process and the first day of work to development and retirement.

Self Service

And that makes Popay Core ideal not only for HR, but also for other departments that are able to assign rights or access based on this data. Excel lists? Those are a thing of the past. Additional features? That is what the future holds. And this goes beyond purely exchanging information.

Thanks to the self-service feature, employees can also log in to view and update their personal data, change their new address, change their bank details or add a new family member, for example. No matter how big or complex your organisation is: Popay Core is the source for all your processes.


  • Manage all your data in one place, and feed all components from there
  • Save time: processes run a lot more efficiently through automated processes
  • Better collaboration: extensive integration to other teams such as IT
  • Secure: GDPR compliance completely up to date
  • Flexible customisation: we create exactly what you need
  • An easy way to work: no matter how complex and large your organisation is
  • Your people can save their energy for other matters: empower HR!

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