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Automated training offers



Want to make the most of your employees’ talents and continue to develop them? With Popay Learn, you can proactively manage and encourage talent development, tailored to each individual. You can document the entire training offer in one module: formal and informal, internal and external, physical and online programmes. Using the data from the system, we suggest suitable training courses for your talented employees, based on their personal ambitions and needs. 


  • Happy employees who are productive and comfortable in their own skin
  • Employees can grow in their jobs
  • Loyal and committed team members
  • Improvement in the organisation's quality and professionalism
  • Compliance and accreditation in place for your sector
  • Useful insight into learning efficiency
  • Flexibility with e-learning
  • Customisation: we create exactly what you need
  • Your people can save their energy for other matters: empower HR!

Learning overview

Both managers and employees have access to this wealth of resources. Thanks to automated approval and communication processes, employees are at the helm themselves. From training requests and registrations to participation and evaluation – with full flexibility when it comes to changes. A personal overview shows managers which pending requests require action at a glance.

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