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Popay offers a complete HR & Payroll software package, which allows you to achieve a number of tasks such as setting up the payroll process smartly and efficiently. You can automate repetitive administrative tasks, leaving you more time and energy for what really matters. You can effortlessly expand the payroll component with our other modules that come together to form a truly complete HR & Payroll package. 

  • Aligned with company-specific rules, local regulations and labour laws
  • Flexible: run the payroll for one person or for the entire organisation
  • Payroll monitor: automatic checklist generated from the to-do list with useful links
  • Online payroll validation
  • Includes retrospective payments, pro rata functionality, audit trail and report wizards
  • Automated payroll outputs: payslips, payments, returns and salary costs

Work faster and smarter

Use our modern payroll software to do the payroll in-house and run your process more securely and efficiently.

Or you can use our payroll services where we take this task completely out of your hands.

Seamless integration

We seamlessly integrate and bring together all of the procedures involved in salaries in your organisation into one automated process.

Our payroll is of course natively integrated with other Popay modules. But maybe you already have your own HR package? If so, we will plug in the payroll so that your systems work seamlessly together. 

Or do you already have your own payroll package? We are happy to help with the integration so that all your systems can work well together.

  • Complete integration of all processes and systems: always a 100% match
  • No patchwork: everything works separately as well as together
  • Customisation: you only pay for what you need

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Payroll Solution

Global Payroll

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