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Are you looking for an evaluation cycle that keeps the dialogue going with your employees? With Popay Perform, you go beyond the mandatory appraisals and get the best out of every employee. Digitally map out the objectives and competencies agreed upon. You can then monitor, supplement and manage them throughout the year. You can also create questionnaires, automatically assign objectives and translate them into concrete tasks. The forms challenge you to take a SMART approach to defining objectives. 


  • Effectively engaging employees based on qualities
  • More objectivity and dialogue in the interview cycle
  • More targeted investment in employee development
  • Driving performance, growth and engagement
  • From administrative 'musts' to continuous dialogue
  • Flexible customisation: we create exactly what you need
  • Your people can save their energy for other matters: empower HR!

Competency Profiles

You can also draw up competency profiles effortlessly, and when a training module is integrated, you can immediately add relevant training courses for employees. How often you do evaluations is up to you. One thing is certain: this allows you to stay in continuous dialogue with your team members and ensure their engagement.

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Job Journey

Looking to take the next step and ready for ‘jobcrafting’, where the focus is not on functions but on the competencies of individuals? Then Job Journey might be a better fit. Whatever your preferences are in terms of talent development, we offer the full scope.

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