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Simple attendance management



Make it easy for employees and line managers to record time and attendance. Keep track of time and attendance through online timesheets or through time recording devices. 



  • Automate time and attendance recording processes
  • Provide time entry and approval via self service portal or mobile devices
  • Enforce compliance to company policies on holidays, overtime and related expenses
  • Provide managers with adequate reporting and alerts in order to control time and costs
  • Flexible customisation: we create exactly what you need
  • Integrated with Popay Leave and Payroll
  • Your people can save their energy for other matters: empower HR!

Timesheets & Clock-in devices

Employees record their hours and attendance for each day, week or month in online timesheets or with mobile devices. This is checked by the employee and approved by their manager.

Alternatively, time is captured through recording devices and reconciled with planned shifts and leave records. Supervisors review exceptions and validate time entries.

Popay Time also instantly provides the data for payroll management. Error-free and automatic. Truly convenient!

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Leave & Attendance

Popay Time automatically reconciles attendance data and leave records. Find out more about our Leave module.

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Payroll Solution


With Popay Payroll, time data is automatically converted to payroll. Find out more about our payroll module.

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